Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For awhile...

These are items I have wanted for awhile (at least a year if not more)and have been listed on the side of the refrigerator:

*Into the Woods - A paperpiece pattern from
*Chatelaine Bead Pack for the Alpine Mandala and NOT the whole kit, just the bead pack & fabric.
*Chatelaine Patterns/Kits for either or both the Desert and Holland Spring Mandalas
*Wii and the Wii fit package
*Brain Age for Nintendo DS
*32 count Belfast Linen 28x28 in summer khaki - purchased this last fall and think it may need replacing due to a larger 28 count for better bead placement.
*Sterling silver charms of graduate's cap and slide or 6 flags (been collecting charms since I was 16 of different events), realized I never got one when I got my degree in 2002 and also a slide to represent the recent vacation with daughter and family.


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